I’m here to care through sharing.

So, <http://www.austinkleon.com/2011/03/30/how-to-steal-like-an-artist-and-9-other-things-nobody-told-me/> Austin Kleon (totally forgot how to do hyperlinks) suggested that to grow as an artist, you need to be able to share your stuff with an audience. Like the internet. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Share. 

I like to make quotes and give advice by being wise with my words. Some people think I’m bullshitting, but I find the things people pull out of their ass to be the things most truthful in this world. 

So my first piece of advice is to all you hopeless romantics out there who can’t find somebody. If you see a person you recognize at a bar, or a coffee shop, or on the street, or wherever, don’t just walk past them. Tap her/him on the shoulder. Bitches never prosper. 


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