Inspired from looking back.

Way back in the throngs of high school relationship problems, my good buddy Samrat Ashok (tumblr still pending) said something about the feelings you have for someone that really blew my mind. I just revisited his sage wisdom through some Facebook inbox archiving, and I felt like it can be an addendum to the Bitches-Never-Prosper Law, the first tenet to The (still-pending) Bill of Happiness.

The kind of feelings that keep you in love with the person head over heels for someone else, the kind that seem to literally eat away at your soul until there’s nothing left under your hollow, Goldfish-over saturated body of yours and all you can do is scroll through the Facebook pictures of that class field trip that you could have sworn was a date for the two of you.

Those feelings blow. But they aren’t going away. 

So you can either be odds with them and eat junk food all night to suppress them. Or you can just listen to them. Because they’re telling you to do something. They’re telling you to let them out into the world, to breathe. Those feelings want to meet the girl/guy you made them so hung up over.

So just embrace the fact that your feelings have your best interests in their heart, develop a secret handshake with them and send them on their way. Love thyself so that someone else may love you too. 


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