J.J. Abrams and Judd Apatow, like a pod of peas

Last week, I was reading an article on J.J. Abrams on his storytelling technique, the production of Super 8, why he’s so awesome, how he broke Steven Spielberg’s camera, cardboard boxes, etc. And in it… was an aside which blew me. Away.

“Like a spy and science-fiction analog to the funnyman Judd Apatow, Abrams exists at the center of a galaxy of friends and frequent collaborators who have bolstered one another’s careers and are responsible in aggregrate for a staggering amount of A-list output”

– some dude who writes for the New York Times

J.J Abrams and Judd Apatow both are alike. Very alike. Too alike.

I feel like there is a plot twist between them coming up that we don't know about.

1) They both are from Long Island.

2) They both have the initials J.A.

3) They are both insanely popular with people twenty years younger than them.

4) They both have mastered modern storytelling in their respective fields: Abrams, in his work with mystery and slowly unraveling major plot twists; Apatow, in his work with finding beautiful women to settle down with druggies and virgins.

5) They both have black hair. (Seriously, how uncanny is this shit?)

6) They both have had two shows canceled from their production companies. Exactly two.

7) The thing the dude at the New York Times Magazine said.

8) Mark Feeney of The Boston Globe called Abrams “Apatow without the laughs — or fewer of them, anyway, and mostly just to relieve the tension.” What is this shit?

9) They both didn’t graduate from USC. (Abrams turned it down, Judd left to go on a cruise he won.)

10) People often compare them. Like I’m doing now.

11) They are both Jew…el’s biggest fans.

12) And Jewish.

Coincidence? I think maybe. But I’m gonna choose no. I’m spilt between brothers split at birth and one of them being an evil doppleganger. I like the doppleganger one, but I don’t know which one is evil yet. They should fight. I need to decide.

While we are all trying to sort out this issue, kill some time this weekend by supporting Abrams by watching Super 8, in theaters Friday! Or by downloading it online. But J.J. Abrams would prefer you watch it in theaters. Probably.

PS. The name of the man who wrote the article is Frank Bruni. He’s who you should blame for not being able to sleep at night because you’re thinking about this.


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