Writers Write Their Wrongs

–DOWN! And save them for later. Makes for titillating drama. Why do you think Mad Men is so good? Matthew Weiner is a… well, you know.*

Hello there! My name’s Saleem, and I’m here to give totally unsolicited opinions on writing. As a college student studying writing with zero professional writing experience, I’m aware that I probably won’t have the most interesting things to say, but I’m going to say them anyway.

Today, I want to talk about plays. For anyone interested in the world of television writing, you might want to seriously consider writing plays. Hollywood is having a love affair with theatre at the moment, and playwrights are the ones raking in all the wonderful love babies television has to offer. The world of cable as allowed for many very good television shows and for some reason, networks believe that playwrights are very good at writing good television. There isn’t really a rhyme or reason for this, but the general consensus is that if you are willing to work in theatre as a writer, you’d have to really love your art. (Because you’d be poor.)  Also, it makes you different from the typical SoCal college grad who has three Memento knockoffs screenplays in his portfolio.

Personally, I love plays. They have no boundaries. No MPAA ratings, no demographics to hit, no words you can’t say. You just have to be interesting. They really allow for creativity, especially due to the limitations writers brought up on movies and TV will feel it has. Trust me, the fact that you can’t write a giant robot battle will give you the vision to create something ten times more intriguing. Like a talking goldfish who gives her account on the ugly faces that try to talk to her all day, except even more intriguing! Watch a show. Be dazzled.

There’s a saying for actors, which I will paraphrase the hell out of. “Extend your physical limits on the stage, so that you will have so much more talent film will require from you.” It should count for writers too.  Because it’s true. So get out there, you! Write something that’s not poo!

*Because it’s his last name! Geez, such a foul mind, Internet.


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