January Productivity Rate

Hey there, word-lovers. Haven’t seen you in a while. I’ve been on vacation. And when I get a vacation, boy, do I not any work. If I was as skilled at finishing screenplays as I am    re-reading manga I’ve read at least four times before and then starting the anime of it to see the differences, then boy, I would not be a pathetic excuse for a writer. But hey, I’m a college student. Procrastination comes with the trade. I figure that once I have rent and bills to pay, things will become easier to do. Fear of starvation is a great motivator. Ever notice the lengths Raymond would go to escape Debra’s cooking?

These are the things I have to do by the end of the year. I would even quit the Internet to do it.

1) Write a feature-length play. This will happen by virtue of being my homework but don’t make it less important.

2) Write a one-hour spec. Again, homework.

3) Write another half-hour spec. Figure I can do it over the summer. Still need to find a show. Speccing is awesome until you write something, because in three weeks 50% of it could end up being totally useless.

4) Finish this pilot I’ve been outlining all break.

5) Learn the guitar. So that when I procrastinate, I can still be productive.

There are a billion more things I want to put on the list, but thinking about that pile of unfinished work scares the living hell out of me. Farewell, my unwavering audience!


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