Musings from a Modern Day Frankenstein

Some time ago, I traveled to the snowcapped landscape of Geneseo, or as the natives call it, “the town built around the IB”. During my stay there, I learned three things that I believe to be three of the tenements of the meaning of life, although I doubt anyone else will feel that way, as it is only my heavily bloated opinion.

  1. Girls will go out with people ask them if they would like to go out. I had the exquisite pleasure of speaking with a lady who had agreed to flirt with me, so my best chap could see my technique (don’t ask for the specifics, because I’m afraid they lead to more ambiguity) . I wasn’t aware I had one, but spoke to her anyways, hoping to come across one in doing so. This particular girl had seen everything from the waters of Sri Lanka to the temples of Japan, yet the even the comparatively mundane prospect of going to see The Descendants seemed to delight her all the same. The fact that our simplistic conversation, based off of “How did you do on your test?”, led to a date just goes to show you: Ice is brittler than we make it out to be.
  2. Love evades rationale. First loves can remain number one years after the fact. It can send you running into a brick wall over and over again. Distance between love can hurt as Plato’s Androgyne suffered under Zeus’s wrath. But the strangest thing I learned was that the feeling I assumed took months to accumulate can actually be found in an instant. The charming conversations I had with the indigenous people that weekend filled my heart with a resplendent joy that still acts as a furnace during the cold days of February. Yes, love is a fickle thing that appears and dissipates whenever it feels like it but it is perhaps one of the most pleasurable aspects about it. Love will come to those, especially to those who aren’t looking.
  3. And lastly, I learned that no man has higher sense of class than Samrath Ashok. This is something I believe I will have inscribed on my tombstone. He showed me that afternoon drinks, particularly those of the muddy kind, have the enchanting ability to dissolve the mid-days into warm gooey pools of hot cocoa. He fills out suits and speak to any woman without hesitation. He’s what the One-Percenters view themselves as being. Ladies, get at this.

Now that I am back in the enigmatic metropolis, inhaling every tea leaf in sight as I create the next best thing in theatre (my heavily bloated opinion is still in effect here), I think back to the simplicity of those times and think, “Gee, whiz, just where the heck where all those cows?”


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