People’s Climate March: Time to Stop Upcoming Scorched Earth

Climate change is real. Climate change might not be the best name for it — it actually might have been a term Republicans used to replace global warming because it sounds less threatening — so we might as well call it “Scorched Earth.” If that sounds hyperbolic, consider what’s going on in the world right now: California has been in a drought for three years. The Permafrost is melting (which either means the person who named it was bad at naming things, or global warming is so intense it’s melting something that’s PERMANENTLY SUPPOSED TO BE FROZEN). Warmer oceans make stronger hurricanes, including the current devastation in Mexico by Odile. If we aren’t living in the time of “climate change”, we’re at least living in the time of a “Hotter Earth.” It’s time to make sure that we don’t reach Scorched Earth.

This is where the People’s Climate March comes in. This weekend in New York City, protestors and climate activists from all over the country (some walking all the way from LOS ANGELES) will march through the streets of Manhattan to advocate for climate change reform. At the same time, world leaders will be meeting at the UN to discuss climate change regulation. The march will put the pressure on these big-wigs to make finally make decisions on what to do about Hotter Earth.

The March will be organized by speakers and advocacy groups delivering different sides of the argument in different succession. Starting from who’s the most affected, to the solutions of renewable energy and change in food infrastructure, to demanding a change. All of this can be seen on a pretty map here.

So if you’re in New York this weekend, join the march! Even if you’re not an activist, check it out to see how many people and what kinds of people are dedicating their weekend and lives to this issue. We might seem crazy, but we have our reasons for wanting do something about climate change. Air-conditioning can turn down the heat of Hotter Earth by only so much, but there’s not much we can do to cool down in Scorched Earth.

PS. If you can’t go to the march in New York, look for a march that’s happening near your city! I’m in Los Angeles and I’ll be attending the South California Climate Change Demonstration tomorrow! As they say, there ain’t no power like the power of the people, because the power of the people don’t stop.


One thought on “People’s Climate March: Time to Stop Upcoming Scorched Earth

  1. I personally believe in global warming, and i think we need to take major precautions about it. But ive found that there are some theories that “global warming” Is a hoxe that the government tells us to keep us worried/more alligned so that well be easier to control.

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