NYC to LA — Wondering if — Goals for 2016

I moved back to New York from LA in November 2014. I moved to Los Angeles because I wanted to work up the television ladder. After three months of slowly making headway, I decided I didn’t want to work up the ladder. Thought I would rather make films with people I know and love in a city I know and love, and hope that a career would come out of that.

It’s now March 2016 and I’m back in New York. I have a Vimeo page, website in the works, and soon will have films (“online content” I think it’s called now) to put on them. I don’t know if I’m any closer to having paid writing or film work. I wonder if I had stayed in LA, I could have had more success doing the same independent work I’m doing now. I wonder if I’ll have to go back if I want to move my career forward.

I recognize the “wonder if” game is a waste of time. But if your career looks like it’s hit a roadblock while your peers are making moves, it’s hard not to play.

I wonder if I’m doing enough social media work.

I wonder if I’m meeting enough strangers and hearing their perspectives.

I wonder if I’m in the right city.

Sometimes I play the “wonder if” games for my curiosity. Sometimes I play to fuel my anxiety.

Doing the work helps. Work that might not lead to a career move, but work nonetheless. Work is important. It doesn’t take you away from your anxiety or depression, but it puts that shit to use.

So I’m here in NYC for now. I’ll most likely play the “wonder if” game again, but it won’t matter as long as these are done a year from now:

1)  A finished feature screenplay.

Me and my writing/partner Priya Mulgaonkar have a rom-com in the works. Expect dosas to play a pivotal role.

2) Four videos online.

Currently in post for my short film Before the Flood and my documentation of Borromean Resistance’s show Performance (x+1) An Interactive Computing System. Looking to producing another short narrative and a short doc .

3)  Three published articles. 

My essay “My Devil Advocates” will be published in No Home Journal’s first issue later this month.

4) Be on this blog at least once a month. 

Put The Mellow Dramatist in full effect.

Good luck to everyone else chasing their goals!



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