A New Manhood

TW: mentions of Brock Turner’s actions, Alton Sterling’s murder, Omar Mateen, and generally all the horrible things men do

Vitruvian Man by Olivier Guin


What does Manhood mean?

Does it mean a penis?




If it means a penis, is it having the body organ, or does it mean being able to have sex with one long into the night?

If it means strength, is it the strength in recovering from a personal loss, or the strength in winning a fight?

If it means courage, is it the courage to defend your friend from hurt or the courage to hurt someone before they get you?


Is Manhood something that can be proved?

Can I prove it if I turn people into pieces?

If I stay in business because I squeeze profit

from the labor of people whose wages I cut?

If I move a troop into someone’s home

so I can massacre my way into new territory?

If I turn a woman into a thing to use

and throw her away when I’m done?


Is Manhood achieved by doing?

If I follow through with a painful act because it would be weak to stop?

Did Brock Turner prove he was a man when he raped a woman behind a dumpster?

Did Omar Mateen prove he was a man when he killed 49 people in a gay club where he was a regular?

Did Howie Lake and Blake Salamoni prove they were men when they apprehended, subdued, prosecuted, sentenced and executed Alton Sterling before he had a chance to defend himself?


Can I prove my Manhood by how I cope

with sadness, rejection and failure?

If I accept my weakness,

am I strong?

If I feel my fear,

am I brave?

If I allow despair to come,

will it go before it hurts anyone else?


Can I be a man by how I react

instead of how I act?


Can my strength be my adulthood

my courage be my heart

my penis be my body


and my manhood come

second (third, fourth, ninth) to who I am


and call it a day?


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