Waiting for Mustafas

Berlin is a city known for its döner kebab sandwiches. It may be in Germany, but Türkisches döner is more Berlin than Deutsch sausage will ever be.

On my last night in Berlin, I went to Mustafas, one the most famous kebab stands in the city. I didn’t have wifi, was alone and hadn’t eaten for nearly five hours. While I waited, I befriended a man from Spain who hadn’t had Mustafas before. During the 90 minutes we stood in line, he asked me “Is this really worth the wait?”

I thought about the meal we were waiting for.

The dürüm pita pressed on a steamer, so fresh that powdered grains of flour stick to your fingertips when you touch it.

The spicy, garlic and herb sauces dropped onto the dürüm into equal bits.

The chicken fried on a rotating skewer with special sauces, then shaved off into juicy and savory strips.

The potatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers grilled and seasoned with spices.

The onions, tomato, lettuce and cilantro sliced and fresh.

The feta cheese topped with dill sprinkled on top.

With a splash of squeezed lemon mit alles.


Knowing what my face would be like after I got my first bite, I replied, “Oh. It’s worth it.”

Photo cred: my man from Spain









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